The Fallen

Currently in post-production. My first full-scale writer/producer/lead actor job! Directed by Justin Lund. DP Ben Enke.



Award-winning short filmed in LA. Directed by Nino Aldi.








15 Minutes with Jacob

A short co-written with and directed by Nino Aldi. Accepted to eight nationwide film festivals.











From 15 Minutes with Jacob:


The script is a FINALIST for the 2013 PAGE International Scriptwriting Contest. Here’s what the reviewer had to say in 2012:

  • The theme is incredibly strong, and Rein and Aldi have done a phenomenal job of weaving it throughout the story without ever being blatant or heavy-handed.  The dialogue, characters and plot all support the theme, which has a universal reach.
  • The structure is very tight and the writers have a great instinctive grasp of structure.  Although it’s essentially one act, they’ve constructed a tightly-woven story that culminates in a whopping act turn at the very end.
  • The characters are very well-constructed, and Rein and Aldi have created a compelling protagonist who the audience can root for, and whose mysterious need to know about the killer’s motive adds suspense.
  • This is one of the better short films I’ve ever read, and for that the writers should be commended…Truly a fantastic job!
Here’s feedback from the Slamdance Screenplay Competition:
  • The story is ambitious, well thought out, and very original. The characters are emotionally compelling and uniquely layered with past baggage, which is this particular story’s main conflict. The dialogue is vibrant and first rate. The writer is clearly talented, and keeps the tension building and the audience guessing right up until the very end.

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