Current Courses:

English 234: Modern Novels

English 262: Creative Writing (online)

English 381: Screenwriting

English 382: Writing Workshop


Previous Courses:

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

English 231: Short Story

English 262: Creative Writing

English 369: Writing Fiction

English 372: Peer Tutoring and Writing Instruction

English 382: Writing Workshop

English 482: Writing Seminar


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

English 215: Introduction to English Studies

English 233: Introduction to Creative Writing

English 233: Introduction to Creative Writing (online)  (click here to see a sample of my online “Craft Lectures” for this course)

English 234: Writing Fiction: Structure and Technique

English 261: The American Short Story

English 278: Introduction to World Literatures Written in English: Novels of the World

Introduction to English/Composition, and Introduction to Creative Writing (Upward Bound Math & Science Program)


Milwaukee Area Technical College

English I (201): Introduction to the Essay

English II (202): Literature and the Essay

English 207: Creative Writing


University of Nebraska

English 150: Writing: Rhetoric as Inquiry

English 151: Writing: Rhetoric as Argument






University of Minnesota, Commanding English Program

Commanding English 1011: University Writing

Commanding English 1012: Writing and Academic Inquiry


Bryant & Stratton College

English 099: Fundamentals of Composition

English 100: Composition and Research

English 101: Writing and Research I

English 210: Writing for Business and Technology

English 250: Technical Communication