Creative Writing Pedagogy Texts

Creative Writing Innovations: Breaking Boundaries in the Classroom


Excellent, experimental approaches to the classroom from:

  • Timothy Mayers
  • Katharine Haake
  • Graeme Harper
  • Tom Hunley
  • Hazel Smith
  • Mary Ann Cain
  • Cathy Day
  • Tonya Hegamin
  • Prageeta Sharma
  • Janelle Adsit
  • Ching-In Chen
  • Derrick Harriell
  • Rachel Haley Himmelheber
  • Trent Hergenrader
  • Michael Dean Clark
  • Joseph Rein and Kyle McGinn

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Creative Writing in the Digital Age: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy

With a peerless group of contributors:

  • Graeme Harper
  • Anna Leahy and Douglas Dechow
  • Joe Amato and Kass Fleisher
  • Mark Marino and Rob Wittig
  • Jim Brown
  • Adam Koehler
  • Amy Letter
  • Aaron Reed
  • Janelle Adsit
  • Abigail Scheg
  • Christina Clancy
  • Trent Hergenrader
  • Michael Dean Clark
  • And me, of course

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Dispatches from the Classroom: Graduate Students on Creative Writing Pedagogy

From Bloomsbury, our excellent publisher:

With emphasis on practical classroom application, this up-to-date and refreshingly honest collection of essays is a wonderful resource for teaching creative writing.”

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