Short Fiction


Encyclopedia Helenica,” Prime Number Magazine 127 (2018).

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2019.




“The Journalist,” Ruminate Magazine 36.1 (2015).

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2016.





“Danielle’s Barn,” Iron Horse Literary Review 16.6 (2014).






“Enforced Disappearance,” The Pinch Literary Journal 33.2 (2013): 4-7.







“Intimations of Chloe,” Hawai’i Review  78.1 (2013): 16-18.




“Encyclopaedia Alanica,” Laurel Review, 45.1 (Spring 2011): 77-90.

Alanica 1


“Of Porcelain or Silver,” Midwest Literary Magazine, January 2011: 90-92.

*Reprinted in Winter Cannons, MLM Press






“Building Faith,” Wisconsin Review 44.1 (Spring 2010): 78-84.









“Six Angel,” Ampersand Review 2(Spring 2009): 55-58.



“To Play Hockey, One-on-One,”Fiction Weekly, March 2009.

“Barry knew he would pay for this in the morning. He missed a loop on his brown single-blade skates and had to pull the laces out completely to start over. When he got them in right he stood; his right wobbled a little, but his left felt altogether too tight. Was it too tight? Skates were supposed to be tight, so you didn’t twist an ankle, like he was damn sure he would if he didn’t give his right laces at least another tug. Either way his feet would swell up, become miniature clubs at the end of his legs. He took a pull off his bottle of whiskey. What exactly the hell was he thinking? He hadn’t played hockey in twenty-two years.”

Read the full story here.

“Kindred’s Mother,” Concho River Review 20.2 (Fall 2006): 28-39.

*Reprinted in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Creative Writing Anthology, UWM Press


“Wings of Hope,” Fox Cities Magazine, August 2000. (First-prize, $250 award.)



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