“Bound to Flight” and “Walk to Merrimount,” Citron Review, June 2010.

“Yesterday you told me it hasn’t been easy from the start, and as always I agree. My love is like a red red robin, small and bound to flight.”

Read the full poems here.


“Cross” and “October 1989,” Twisted Ink, May 2010.

“The sun never came. It tried, chariot patrolling the horizon above muddied skies. We got wet, and the worst was your hair, you said, sticking to your lips and blocking your vision of that unseen sun. We could have danced.  I hear now that children do that sort of thing in the rain.”

Read the full poems here.

“Here was Our Happiness,” Burdock 4 (Spring 2008): 12.

“Driving to Osceola in the dead of night, you and me / and 18-wheelers to rattle the cage of our little Ford.”

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