In the individual, virtual-reality-like mindspace of Youtopia, “Immersers” can live in their own perfect world. But chaos ensues when an Immerser is murdered inside his own Youtopia.

FBI Special Agent Anabel Downer, one of the Bureau’s best, is assigned to the case. In her investigations of the mysterious murder, she interviews Youtopia’s staunchest supporters and naysayers, encounters her own troubled past, and questions what is real.

“With elegant prose and unforgettable imagery, Rein brings to life characters who vibrate with the raw truth of human experience. These unforgettable stories showcase Rein’s remarkable talent and push the bounds of narrative convention, expanding our sense of what’s possible on the page and in the world.”

  • Valerie Laken, author of Dream House

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“Clark, Hergenrader, and Rein have produced a compelling follow-up to their edited collection Creative Writing in the Digital Age. This new offering assembles 16 essays with the shared goal of rethinking and restructuring university-level creative writing curricula. Taken together, the essays in this collection expand the emergent field of creative writing studies and provide thoughtful, replicable strategies for guiding and supporting student writers. Summing Up: Highly recommended.”

  • CHOICE Magazine

“With this book, creative writing theory and pedagogy finally arrives in the twenty-first century with both feet planted firmly on the ground and leaning toward the future. A rich compendium that stakes out a territory from which to consider the countless ways in which digital culture influences the creative writing classroom, Creative Writing in the Digital Age will influence how you teach and how you think about teaching. It’s a game changer-and it’s about time.”

  • Stephanie Vanderslice, author of Rethinking Creative Writing and The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life

“In Dispatches from the Classroom you go right up to where the teaching is done. This book is full of hard-won advice and smart thinking…The essays here aren’t merely reflections on what worked one day and what didn’t another–rather, they’re researched explorations into what’s possible in the creative writing classroom. Possible, and necessary.”

  • Liam Callanan, author of Paris by the Book